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Content entered directly below the header but before the first section heading is called the preamble.

Text formatting

This is a paragraph of regular text.

This is a paragraph with a bold word and an italicized word. Bold italic is also possible.

Words can also have internal bold and italic formatting.

Some constrained monospace text, and some unconstrained monospace text.

Some Superscript® text and some subscript text: H2O.

Other fonts like Fraktur Font in a paragraph.

The text at the end of this sentence is cross referenced to the third level heading

This is a link to the Asciidoctor User Manual.


  • copyright: ©

  • registered trademark: ®

  • trademark: ™

  • em dash (between words): — 

  • ellipses: …​

  • arrows: → ⇒ ← ⇐

  • apostrophe: Sam’s

  • XML entity (e.g., dagger): †


Find the area under the graph of \$y = x^2\$ between \$x= 1\$ and \$x = 2\$.

\[ \int_1^2 x^2 dx = \left[ \frac{x^3}{3} \right]_1^2 = \frac{2^3}{3} - \frac{1^3}{3} = \frac{7}{3} \]


This is the image alt text.
Figure 1. Image caption


This is another paragraph.[1]


Second level heading

Third level heading

Fourth level heading
Fifth level heading


Unordered lists

Unordered list title
  • list item 1

    • nested list item

      • nested nested list item 1

      • nested nested list item 2

  • list item 2

Ordered lists

Ordered list title
  1. ordered list item

    1. nested ordered list item

  2. ordered list item

    1. second level list item

      1. third level list item

      2. another third level list item

      3. a final third level list item

    2. another second level list item

You can override the number scheme for any level by setting its style (the first positional entry in a block attribute list). You can also set the starting number using the start attribute:

  1. Five

  2. Six

    1. a

    2. b

    3. c

  3. Seven

Labelled lists

Here’s an example of a labeled list that identifies parts of a computer:


The brain of the computer.

Hard drive

Permanent storage for operating system and/or user files.


Temporarily stores information the CPU uses during operation.


Used to enter text or control items on the screen.


Used to point to and select items on your computer screen.


Displays information in visual form using text and graphics.

A horizontal labelled list

The brain of the computer.

Hard drive

Permanent storage for operating system and/or user files.


Temporarily stores information the CPU uses during operation.

Labelled list with bullets
  • Milk

  • Eggs

  • Bread

  • Bananas

Mixed lists

Mixed unordered and ordered lists
  1. Linux

    • Fedora

    • Ubuntu

    • Debian

  2. BSD

    • FreeBSD

    • NetBSD

Here’s a list that mixes all three types of lists:

Operating Systems
  1. Linux

    • Debian

    • Ubuntu

    • Fedora

  2. BSD

    • FreeBSD

    • NetBSD

Cloud Providers
  1. Hetzner

  2. PaaS

    • OpenShift

    • CloudBees

  3. IaaS

    • Amazon EC2

    • Rackspace


Example 1. Example block title

Content in an example block is subject to normal substitutions.

Sidebar title

Sidebars contain aside text and are subject to normal substitutions.

Listing block title
Content in a listing block is subject to verbatim substitutions.
Listing block content is commonly used to preserve code input.


Table 1. A simple table with a title
Column heading 1 Column heading 2

Column 1, row 1

Column 2, row 1

Column 1, row 2

Column 2, row 2

Table 2. A table containing another nested table


  • \(X\) a ante \(i\)

  • \(Y\) a ante \(j\)





This is a block quote or a prose excerpt. This is subject to normal substitutions.

— firstname lastname
movie title
This is a verse block.
  Indents and endlines are preserved in verse blocks.
— firstname lastname
poem title and more


This is a tip. There are five admonition labels: Tip, Note, Important, Caution and Warning.
This is a note.
This is important.
Caution — be careful!
This is a warning.

Admonition blocks

A "NOTE" type admonition

This is an example of an admonition block.

Unlike an admonition paragraph, it may contain any AsciiDoc content. The style can be any one of the admonition labels:

  • NOTE

  • TIP




1. This is footnote text and will be displayed at the bottom of the article.