Helios4 NAS and 2.5 inch Disk Bracket

2019-09-29 Stefan Katerkamp

I recently got a Helios4 NAS kit from Kobol.io, 3rd batch. It came for 173€ plus 48€ tax. Its perfect for a 24/365 uptime home server.

Installation with Armbian/Debian 10 Buster was straight forward. I had some issues with btrfs kernel exceptions. With ext4 all runs perfectly fine. Even OpenJDK11 and Wildfly 17 have no issues.

Compared to a ReadyNAS RN104 this system feels twice as fast and it consumes just half the power. My cheap non calibrated Reichelt.de power meter reports 9 Watts for idle mode with 3 disks on standby and the main disk being a Samsung EVO SSD.

And whats also great is its U-Boot boot loader. It has a simple serial (USB) console, just like good old SPARC OpenBoot. No bloated graphical user interfaces like UEFI or BIOS boot. I simply attached the USB console to my OpenWRT router next to it. And power on and off for this box gets done by a latched relay in a power plug attached to my home automation system. Poor mans true out of band server management.

Bracket for 2.5 inch disks

I mounted 4 2.5 inch drives in the standard Helios4 box and I am using a 3D printed bracket for this:

bracket pic

Top and base:


16 M2x6mm screws keep the disks in place. They slide in to the larger disk mounting holes. Pre assemble these M2 screws to the 3D printed parts using an electric screwdriver. The holes in the parts are slightly smaller, the spinning screw gets warm and creates its thread by itself.


Source Code and STL File for 3D print:

See also comments about print settings in the Armbian forum.